Our Fraternal Life in Community

“And wherever any of the friars may be and shall meet other friars, let them all treat each other as members of one family, and confidently make known to each other their needs.” St Francis.

The local Capuchin Fraternity is normally about four to six friars living together, dependent on each other to pray together, to eat and recreate together and to cater for the various duties of each place.

On a regular basis they meet formally so as to face better the demands on each of them of the local places where they are and as they change. Being brothers necessarily includes the concern for the ability of each to cope with the present situation and to find possible ways of making it more peaceful and just.

The Guardian, as for all those who are given the service of oversight as ministers, is the one, who having consulted first with all of those who are effected by any decision, has the ultimate say for the good of the whole fraternity and its peaceful living.