Life of Service to Others

God gives us everything: all that we are and all that we use.

He calls us to be a member of His family and he calls each person to be the same.

He gives each of us special gifts for the greater unity and peace of all around us. None of us can be written off as useless.

We also need to have our gifts trained to be of use to the needs of today and the place where we are to serve.

We have to use our wits to discern the needs, to select those who are capable of learning the skills needed, and the support and promotion of those chosen, so that they can do the maximum possible for the assuaging of the needs and for their own satisfaction.

As Saint Francis said: “When the friars go out in the world they should neither quarrel nor dispute nor judge others; but let them be meek, peaceful, modest, gentle and humble: speaking courteously to everyone.”