Following Christ

“This is the life of the Friars Minor: the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

The whole nature of being a friar is to live the Gospel as simply and straightforwardly as possible.

Our first Brother is Jesus. We look to him to find our bearings in what we do and say.

In the very different times in which we live we can feel that, on the surface, there is not much that the Gospel can say to our contemporary world. If we reflect, ponder, contemplate what it is Jesus is saying to us in the Scriptures day by day, the relevance becomes clear and the challenge palpable.

He calls us to serve each of our neighbours without judging them and without prejudice. This challenges us from whatever background we have come from. He calls us to true brotherhood with poor and rich, with disabled and able people, searching for ways in which each one can play their part for the good of all. Nobody is rejected. Each is welcome as themselves and as God is making them.