How can you help?

What you can do to help the work of the Capuchin Franciscans


If you would like to make a donation to the Capuchin Franciscans please make cheques payable to Capuchin Central Account and send to:

Provincial Minister,
Franciscan Friary,
Carlton Road,

Tel. No. 01322 444960



If you would like to remember the Capuchin Franciscans in your Will there are four main ways to do so:

  • A residuary bequest leaves the balance of your estate after your other legacies have been honoured
  • A pecuniary bequest leaves a specific sum
  • A specific bequest is where an item of value is left. This might be a painting, jeweller or even a house
  • A reversionary bequest reserves an item for the use of a surviving partner, friend or relative and then leaves it to a nominated charity or third party.

The Capuchin Missionary Association

An association called Opus Sancti Fidelis Sigmaringenensis was formed in 1899 by Frieda Folger, a Swiss member of the Third Order of Saint Francis in Lucerne. It supports the missionary work of the Capuchins worldwide by people asking for friends and family, living and dead, to be enrolled in the Association and giving an offering for its main purpose. In return the friars promise to keep them in their prayers and to offer Masses regularly for them. Down the years the association has been taken over by the General Curia in Rome and its name changed to The Seraphic Mass Association and now The Capuchin Missionary Association. The National Director in this country can be contacted through the Provincial Curia.

Help us to help others in our world-wide overseas missions.

The primary means of support for Capuchin missionaries and their pastoral outreach is the generosity of its friends and benefactors in the UK.

Two sources are 1) mission alms or donations, often accompanied by prayer requests and 2) enrolment of oneself and beloved living or departed relatives and friends in the Capuchin Missionary Association.

Enrolments which are Gifts of Love for Life, are offerings given in faith in honour of a loved one to support the ministries of Capuchin friars in the missions. If the donor so requests, cards and certificates are provided. Please contact the National Director at Provincial Curia, Franciscan Friary, Carlton Road, Erith, Kent, DA8 1DN or apply online

A certificate or card is not needed to enrol a person. If you so desire, you can send us the name of the person(s) you wish to enrol and whether the person is living or deceased.

You can request by phone, mail or email ( a supply of certificates or cards to keep on hand. They will be sent to you without obligation, with the understanding that you will send in the name(s) of those you later wish to enrol along with your contribution.

The Capuchin Missionary Association shares its support with Capuchin Franciscan Friars in developing countries throughout the world.

For more information or to make a donation please contact the National Director, Capuchin Mission Office, Provincial Curia, Franciscan Friary, Carlton Road, Erith, Kent, DA8 1DN